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Where to Put the Bodies: The Modern Methods of Burial

Death is something we are taught not to talk about in Western culture, but unfortunately, we all die sometime. Every person who has ever existed, and every person who will exist in the future will one day die. And the reality is, that’s a lot of bodies. The conventional way we bury won’t work with an increasing population. There isn’t enough space to bury everyone, since many burials are surrounded in concrete, so the bodies never decay into the earth. But in a world of modern innovation, we have a lot of out of the box options for what to do with the dead.
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Harry and the Potters: 15 years of Wizard Rock

Harry Potter has been a part of the overall cultural narrative on an international scale for almost two decades now. So today, you might learn something about Harry Potter that you might not know: he has a band, a whole genre of music, as a matter of fact. Wizard Rock as a genre is rock music about Harry Potter the story, but the band I’m going to tell you about today deals with is about Harry Potter the character, and the two guys who bring him to life in the real world.

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Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995

On April 19, 1995, at 9:02 a.m., a bomb went off in front of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City, OK. This event would kill 168 people, and would be considered the deadliest¬†domestic terrorist attack in American history. In the modern age where it seems that a terrorist attack happens every single day, this seems like it is just another unspeakable tragedy. But this tragedy changed the precedent for the entire country, changing domestic policy and eventually leading to the creation of the¬†Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which has been said by critics to be “surely one of the worst statutes ever passed by Congress and signed into law by a President.” It changed the definition of habeas corpus and made getting an appeal much more difficult.
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