Harry and the Potters: 15 years of Wizard Rock

Harry Potter has been a part of the overall cultural narrative on an international scale for almost two decades now. So today, you might learn something about Harry Potter that you might not know: he has a band, a whole genre of music, as a matter of fact. Wizard Rock as a genre is rock music about Harry Potter the story, but the band I’m going to tell you about today deals with is about Harry Potter the character, and the two guys who bring him to life in the real world.

Joe and Paul DeGeorge are the men behind Harry and the Potters, the first Wizard Rock band and the founders of the genre. Since then, many other wizard rock bands have formed, some of my favorites being Draco and the Malfoys and The Whomping Willows. Wizard rock bands sing from the perspective of the title of their band, so Harry and the Potters’s songs are all sung as though Paul and Joe are really Harry Potter.

All their songs are based on things that happen to Harry in the books, and they have the wild hair and Gryffindor ties to go with it. They have played at libraries and conventions across the world. They have even played at the base of a mountain for their 15th bandiversary concert (trust me, I was there). Even though the books have long been finished, the community that surrounds wizard rock has actually grown in recent years, spawning a kind of wizard rock “revival.”

Going to a wizard rock concert is very different than any other concert you will ever go to. You will make friends with total strangers, sing together, chant the incantation that begins every Harry and the Potters concert, and come out realizing magic is real, even if it isn’t the same as what you read in your childhood storybooks. To people who go to Wizard Rock concerts, this is a place where they can be themselves, where they can be unapologetically passionate about a children’s story with others who feel the same. Wizard Rock provides hope for when the world is a hard place to live in.

Though many of my friends grew out of their Harry Potter loving moments, I still love the story to this day, but more than that, I love the community that surrounds it. For everyone who has ever needed a place to be themselves, to be accepted, the Harry Potter fandom has been that place. Like JK Rowling once said:

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Check out Harry and the Potters here.

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